HoopKinect Program 2019-2020
This upcoming season, here are focus points all players can expect from the HoopKinect program:

​* EDUCATION OF THE MARKET: Playing the overseas game goes beyond winning basketball games. There are other factors that play into a player being chosen for a job. Players should understand they are competing against thousands of players for the same jobs. Players should also understand that every college athlete is not a pro. Lastly, players have an assumption they should be signed "right away". It is a process and it is a DIFFICULT process. 

* COMMITMENT: Although I haven't been able to help every player, I have had success in helping quite a few players. My success has come from building relationships and networking with agents and club personnel. I work hard for you all players, from starter level to ex NBA.

* HONESTY: Self-explanatory. When I submit a player to a club or an agent, their response will be one of the two: "I am interested or I am not interested". I will always be honest with my players and I will never do you a disservice and submit you for a job you are not qualified for. 

If you are ready to embark on this journey and grind for an opportunity, click the sign up button and let's get to work!

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